MixLAB Mask Blender

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Mixlab mask blender is the first developed device in the beauty industry to prepare exclusive and unique masks for professional treatments or home use. The device is very ergonomic and user friendly, with efficient heating and a magnetic mixing system (no rotating blades). The preparation time of the mask is very short, and extremely price competitive compare to collagen sheets or alginates masks (approx $1.50 per mask). The base mask is based on 100% natural ingredients and hyaluronic acid.

Key features

  • Heats the product to 70C degrees for optimal mixing
  • Magnetic mixing system
  • Easy to clean
  • Short operation time
  • Cold and hot mixing mode


Masks can be used as-is for an ‘all-skin-types’ mask OR further enhanced by adding:

  • 2-5ml of any Fusion Mesotherapy Cocktail – tailor to any skin concern
  • Serums (not all brands are compatible) to provide the mask with additional skin benefits

Additional information

Weight760 g


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MixLAB Mask Blender

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