Brow Mapping String Black (10m – Pre-Inked)


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Our pre-inked black eyebrow mapping string will allow for accurate measurement of your client’s brows.

The black ‘ink’ is more of a charcoal dust, so will not stain the skin but holds firmly until you wipe it off.

10m to a pack – simply pull out and cut to length using the inbuilt cutter.

This will yield approximately 40-50 sets of brows (based on how much string our trainers use per brow, you may use more or less!) so essentially less than 18 cents per use! You’ve seen it all over Instagram – now it’s your turn to get the latest brow tool at a price that won’t break the bank.


We also recommend wearing gloves when brow mapping, as nobody has time for inky-stained fingers 😉

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Brow Mapping String Black (10m - Pre-Inked)


In stock